October 20, 2021

Weekend in Williamsburg ft the Hoxton Hotel

Hi hi all of you! I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. I am so excited about today’s post because I am spending an extended weekend in my favorite city in the world at my favorite hotel in the world. hint: it’s NYC & the Hoxton if you haven’t caught on yet. And if you haven’t been to Williamsburg yet, I HIGHLY recommend it-and stay at the Hoxton and try to get a city view because it’s so unreal.

The Hoxton was absolutely stunning in Chicago so I was super excited to see their Williamsburg location and it def didn’t disappoint. The aesthetic just makes so much sense. The hotel and interior designer truly thought of every little detail when it comes to this hotel. There are cute little sayings everywhere that (it sounds cheesy) but make me smile. It’s small details like that that, to me, make the biggest difference in a hotel location.

The staff was absolutely lovely as always and made me feel right at home. I literally can’t say enough great things about this location. Now lets get into the neighborhood. I had actually never been to Williamsburg before this past weekend and I have tabs open for apartments as we speak. Williamsburg is quiet, trendy and super safe. I felt so at home and the amount of frenchies that I spotted made me feel like I was at home while being sad that Luna wasn’t with me. I’ll link the resturants I went to and make sure to check out my vlog (linked here) of my day in Williamsburg.

Thank you again to the Hoxton for hosting me and having me dream about becoming a Williamsburg resident.



Welcome to my world

Hello hello and welcome to my world. What does the world of Keri Hill contain? It’s one with a lot of McDonalds nuggets, luxury shopping and my French bulldog, Luna. It’s a world where I share with you my favorite healthy snacks in a post but then an hour later you see me eating pasta and french fries on my snapchat (it’s all about balance.) It’s a world where I post a few times a week about lifestyle, home decor, fitness and beauty. It’s a world that I hope you’ll be a part of and look forward to escaping yours to come to.