Stationary Upgrade featuring BasicInvite

I recently wanted to upgrade all my stationary and was so excited when Basic Invite reached out and let me work with them on making beautiful, personalized stationary.

I started the stationary upgrade by going online and deciding what I wanted and was super excited about how many options there were. I was immediately drawn to the clear business cards. They are super different and leave a big impression.

Second stationary upgrade mission was to get personal notecards. I thought these would be great to use to send packages out to my followers (they are also super cute on my desk!)

Lastly, I needed to get my hands on some birthday party invitations. My 25th (yikes!) is needing to be a big deal so I wanted to make sure everything would be perfect for it. They had so many options for birthday invites that include 0th birthday party invitations and the cutest kids invites.

Basic Invite also allows you to order personalized samples before making your decision. I LOVE this idea because you’re able to get your hands on the product instead of looking through a computer screen.

this post is sponsored by BasicInvite but all opinions are my own.