November 10, 2022

Macbook Wallpapers to spice up your computer

Who doesn’t love a good macbook wallpaper? Changing my background is my favorite way to spice up my computer and make it feel new and exciting-and I have no shame. Here are some of my faves all in one place. Download, set as your desktop and tag me in your ig stories (@kerihill)

Welcome to my world

Hello hello and welcome to my world. What does the world of Keri Hill contain? It’s one with a lot of McDonalds nuggets, luxury shopping and my French bulldog, Luna. It’s a world where I share with you my favorite healthy snacks in a post but then an hour later you see me eating pasta and french fries on my snapchat (it’s all about balance.) It’s a world where I post a few times a week about lifestyle, home decor, fitness and beauty. It’s a world that I hope you’ll be a part of and look forward to escaping yours to come to.