I did these 5 things that totally changed my skincare routine

hi hi all of you! Long time no talk. I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and finding balance in this wild world we are living in.

I recently made some changes in my skincare routine that have been total game changers that i wanted to share.

60 second cleanse.

I heard this from a new skincare youtuber I started following and I was SHOCKED at how simple it was but how big of a difference it made in my skin. I literally set a timer and make sure i get every single square cm of my face. It makes my skin smoother, brighter and gets EVERYTHING off my face leaving me squeaky clean.

Double cleanse.

I started double cleansing to make sure EVERYTHING gets removed and I won’t be going back. I first start with an oil cleanser then move onto my foam cleanser. The oil keeps my moisturized and melts off my makeup while my foam cleanser removes any access dirt and makeup. And yes, I do both of these for 60 seconds.

Simplify your routine.

I used to use dumb expensive products that ended up having a lot of unnecessary things like fragrance, fillers & products that sound fancy but really don’t do anything for your skin. I dumped all my expensive products and simplified my routine with good quality, affordable and simple products.

Invest in skin treatments

I have noticed the biggest difference in actually investing and going to a professional to help me with my skin. I’ve been seeing my girl Sam at SpaDerma and I’ve been going back and fourth between micro needling and chemical peels. This has made the world of a difference in my texture and overall appearance in my skin. Though it can be expensive, it’s absolutely a long term investment. You can always mention my name at the SpaDerma Lakeview location for $$ off your service.

Change those sheets!

I change my sheets twice a week (yes, I am totally crazy) and my pillowcase at least twice a week to make sure I’m not laying in bacteria and dirt all night. All I think about is the oils from my hair all over my skin and it keeps me motivated to change out my pillowcase as much as possible.

Those have been my simple changes to my skincare routine that have changed my LIFE. Let me know what you guys try so I can test it out.