A 30 minute Booty workout (with PDF to take with you)

hi hi! I hope you’re all doing well. I have been so crazy busy with work and trying to get enough sleep that I literally have been slacking at the gym. I started going after not going for months. I always thought I didn’t have time but I started doing quick 30 minute workouts and I thought I would share. These literally allow me to get in and out and before I can even start complaining, I’m done.

Let’s start with a few things that will help get you in and out quickly. I mean, that’s the goal here.

+ Have a playlist ready to go. I used to spend so much time going through my music finding the perfect song and would end up standing in the middle of my workout like an idiot. If you have your playlist ready, you’re good to go. Pro tip: airpods are a game changer because you can change the song without touching your phone.

+Stay off socials (unless your snapping a pic to post on your IG story). Just keep it off. It’s hard but kind of nice keeping off social media during my workout.

+ Have your workout ready. I used to look for workouts in the gym Waste of time. We are trying to be efficient here. Have an idea of what you’re doing before heading in. Don’t worry, I made a cute one for you.

Short, efficient workouts are my favorite thing. I can get in and out and still carry on with my day. Don’t worry, other workouts are coming soon.