January 28, 2019

Why I’m obsessed with my water intake

Hello hello all of my favorite people. I hope you all are having a great January and start to your 2019. Mine has been crazy with so many changes going on. If you read my New Years Resolutions post here you saw my resolutions for 2019. I totally forgot to include that I’m trying to drink a ton of water. In the past I would literally go almost all day without water. I don’t know how I did it. But now that I work at a desk instead of running around at my retail job I found that I can finally step up my water game. So in the course of the day just at work (8:30-5ish) I drink about 2 liters. I know. It’s crazy. And I’ve noticed some serious changes in my body.I feel like we always hear about how amazing water intake is all the time but I sound so stupid in saying I just couldn’t get on board…until I actually stuck with it and saw some actual changes. So I’ve been doing this this consistently for about a month and I’ve actually kind of turned it into a game while I’m at work.

Alright lets talk about changes I’ve noticed with my body.

+ It’s so weird but my stomach has gotten FLATTER. To be honest, I don’t diet. I’m not anywhere near perfect shape but I do have *small* abs. I dunno how it works, it must be genetics. But when I wake up now I feel like all of my toxins get flushed out and I’m flat and toned in the morning. We love this.

+ My skin. Oh my god you guys my skin. I naturally have a pretty crazy skincare routine and luckily don’t really break out but drinking more water has keep my skin more hydrated and really prevented breakouts. (As I am proof-reading I am currently having the worst breakout I’ve had in months. ..jokes on me.

+ I eat less. I feel like I am constantly full on water so I eat less. Give me all of the weight loss.

+ Lastly, I just crave it now. I will literally get a headache and my body knows when my water intake is down for the day. Crazy how the body adjusts.

So besides peeing every hour at work I’ve been really impressed of the benefits something so simple has for my skin and body. I hope I’ve inspired you all to try and up your water intake and let me know if any of you see any changes over time too.



Welcome to my world

Hello hello and welcome to my world. What does the world of Keri Hill contain? It’s one with a lot of McDonalds nuggets, luxury shopping and my French bulldog, Luna. It’s a world where I share with you my favorite healthy snacks in a post but then an hour later you see me eating pasta and french fries on my snapchat (it’s all about balance.) It’s a world where I post a few times a week about lifestyle, home decor, fitness and beauty. It’s a world that I hope you’ll be a part of and look forward to escaping yours to come to.