St. Thomas & Dominican Republic Travel Diary

hello hello you guys! I am so excited to (finally) share my DR & St Thomas travel diary with you. Nic and I recently took a cruise with our friends and got the chance to stop at some amazing places-so why not share? First we stopped in Amber Cove, DR.

It was crazy hot and we just walked around, played some basketball and soaked up the sun. We actually went off the restricted area (not our created idea) and got ourselves into, what could have been, a bad situation. Thank goodness I look like I’m from there and I can speak Spanish. Other than that, the island was absolutely beautiful and ur short time was well spent!

Next we went to St. Thomas. It was unreal. Nic and I ventured off and went snorkeling at Coki beach and got some time in the sun. I seriously had so much fun checking out all the fish and getting time to lay on the sand. This is def a place I would want to go back to

I still can’t believe how great the places were and I’m so blessed I got to knock them off my travel wishlist!



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