Skincare Schedule | with a v extra calendar

Hello hello all of you. I am going to preface todays post in knowing that it is absolutely extra, unnecessary and over the top. What is important is that I am self aware and realize all of this. With that said, let’s freaking go.

Now skincare is probably one of my most favorite things ever and I take it so seriously that I have a calendar. Yes, a calendar to keep up with everything and keep a good rotation to make your skin look the best that it can be.

Sunday: This is my exfoliating day. I like to get everything off of my skin and hit the refresh button. Especially since it’s defiantly normal to slack during the weekend

Monday: This is the day I do a chemical peel. I normally use the BabyFacial by Drunk Elephant. I like to do this the day after my physical exfoliant since all my dead skin is gone.

Tuesday: Serum. Since you have a new fresh layer of skin I like to load up on my serums so they can penetrate deeply.

Wednesday: Exfoliate (if your skin isn’t sensitive you can do it twice a week)

Thursday: Mask mask. 

Friday: Moisturize up. I love the jet lag mask. This is what helps get my skin ready for the weekend between not staying on my water intake and drinking and making my skin dehydrated.

Saturday: Give it a break. Just do your normal routine.

Now I don’t follow this 100% of the time but I do try to stick to this to get the most of my week. Does anyone else take their skincare this seriously or is that just me?