Stationary Upgrade featuring BasicInvite

I recently wanted to upgrade all my stationary and was so excited when Basic Invite reached out and let me work with them on making beautiful, personalized stationary. I started the stationary upgrade by going online and deciding what I wanted and was super excited about how many options there were. I was immediately drawn to the clear business cards. They are super different and…

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Apartment tour 2020

hi hi all! I am so excited to show you my apartment tour for 2020. I wanted to do a short video just showing the space so make sure you subscribe for the full talk through version in the future. xx.…

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I did these 5 things that totally changed my skincare routine

hi hi all of you! Long time no talk. I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and finding balance in this wild world we are living in. I recently made some changes in my skincare routine that have been total game changers that i wanted to share. 60 second cleanse. I heard this from a new skincare youtuber I started following and I was…

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Workplace essentials: what’s always on my desk

hi hi hi you guys! I hope you all are doing well and not going totally crazy during quarantine. I am currently sitting at my desk-shocker, right? And you know what? I feel like my desk is perfect. When I work on the blog it’s normally for a few hours (I sneak a little online shopping and Youtube in on there so it takes me…

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Sephora Sale Picks

hello hello & happy Sephora sale. I asked on my instagram story if you all would want me to throw together a Sephora sale picks and I got an overwhelming yes. I rounded up my favorites to share with you all so we can all have a little buyers remorse all together. C L I C K T O S H O P Ole Henrickson…

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kh masterlist

hi hi! How are you all doing? I hope you’re doing well during this quarantine and not going too stir crazy. I wanted to put together a masterlist of all my favorite things that can hopefully help you get through this quarantine. I’m gonna give my top 3 in a few different categories so this isn’t 1000 pages long. Let’s get into it. PODCASTS. Everything…

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Quarantine Survival Guide

hello hello all of you. I hope you all are doing well and following CDC guidelines (even though it may not be ideal) and staying safe. I wanted to put together a survival guide for those of you that feel as though you’re struggling since, personally, I’ve been thriving during this time. have a routine. It’s important to not stay up until wee hours of…

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