Meet my dog, Luna


+Breed: Fawn French Bulldog

+Age: 4

+Birthday: 10.13.14

+Likes: Raw hides, walks & her Barkin toy

+Dislikes: When mama leaves, vacuum cleaners & going outside in the rain

+Personality traits: stubborn, high energy, loyal & restless.

+Hello hello all of my people. I’m SO excited to share with you a post that I should have done forever ago. And that is all about LUNA. If you don’t know, Luna is my fawn French bulldog, my child and my entire life. Our relationship is tricky so I’ll fill you all in since, yes, she doesn’t live with me full-time.

+So a lot of people don’t know that Luna doesn’t live with me full-time. So this is the situation. Currently, I work a 9-5 job. So essentially I’d have to get a dog walker every day and then be alone the other 7 hours I’m at work. So currently Luna lives with my parents and their French bulldog, Maxwell. She LOVES it there. She gets all the attention in the world and I still get to see her pretty often. So it works out for both of us. Though its hard for me to not have her, I know that it is selfish for me to take her when she gets way more attention from my parents.

+So that is why my little baby isn’t with me 24/7 and it sucks but she’s still such a big part of my life so I wanted to formally introduce her to you all. Hopefully she’ll be back with me soon and I can share even more with you guys


kh & lh.