June 17, 2019

Summer 2019 Book List

Hi hi hi all of you! I am so excited about today’s post (like I always am) and share with you all my summer reading list. I used to read books a lot in college and I’ve honestly missed it and feel like it’s such a great way of escapism. I love getting lost in a book while laying by the pool or snugged in bed with Luna with a glass of wine. Always with the wine. Or whiskey. Depends on how I’m feeling.

So I’ve been out of the book game for so long and needed some recommendations and have searched everywhere for some good ones and wanted to share my reading list with you all and mayyyybe have a talk with you all about them mid-summer. But for now let’s break down some of the ones that I’m super excited to read. I’ll preface by saying I love an easy read. I find myself reaching for books that, like I said, can read by the pool and do it pretty quickly in a weekend. So none of these are going to be super intense or honestly the best written books.

ps. my descriptions aren’t great. I’ll link real descriptions with each title

7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo

So i just started this one last week and i’m obsessed. It’s about a famous movie star who keeps her life private. She offers to sell her life story to a new, non-well-known writer and they work together.

Meet me in Monaco

So this one doesn’t come out until mid-July but is a great read about the one and only Grace Kelly. I mean who wouldn’t want to read about her glamorous love life?  

The Testaments

Finally all of my Handmaid’s Tale fans can DIE over this book. This is supposed to be the ending of all the seasons and include season 3. I’m dying to read this since I’m such a fan of the show.

Behind Closed Doors

So this has both hit and miss reviews on Amazon but I’m still wanting to give it a try. It’s about the “perfect” couple and what is really going on…you guessed it..behind closed doors!

What Alice Forgot

This is about a woman who forgets the last decade. She realizes she now 39, divorced and has 3 kids. So she is trying to figure out what’s been going on and get her memory back to retrace her steps.

Like i said, my descriptions are trash and I apologize so I’ll link all of the books below so you can get a real description of everything. I’ll be adding a few more books to the list in the next few weeks, especially since I’m going on vacation.



Welcome to my world

Hello hello and welcome to my world. What does the world of Keri Hill contain? It’s one with a lot of McDonalds nuggets, luxury shopping and my French bulldog, Luna. It’s a world where I share with you my favorite healthy snacks in a post but then an hour later you see me eating pasta and french fries on my snapchat (it’s all about balance.) It’s a world where I post a few times a week about lifestyle, home decor, fitness and beauty. It’s a world that I hope you’ll be a part of and look forward to escaping yours to come to.