March 11, 2022

I tried the $30 Dior Eye Patches so you don’t have to

Hi hi all! I’m so excited about todays post because it is about the most extra thing-the Dior eye patches. I’ve seen these all over my Pinterest and have been wanting to finally bite the bullet because they are so so cute. They were only $30 and they come with two sets of reusable patches!

First things first. They are so cute. I absolutely recommend getting these on the Dior website because it’s totally worth the packaging. The packaging is so so cute and when you order directly from the website itself you get the cute box and ribbon.

-They are reusable (I’ve used mine about 3 times now) and they are thick enough to use over and over without issues. They also feel super soft. They aren’t like other eye patches that are filled with product.

-They are crazy cute. I literally almost got these just for the instagram moment.

Would I recommend?

If you love a cute moment and a decent eye patch then I’d go for it. The price point isn’t bad but it defiantly makes a good gift for a girlfriend since its something someone wouldn’t typically purchase for themselves but love it!


Welcome to my world

Hello hello and welcome to my world. What does the world of Keri Hill contain? It’s one with a lot of McDonalds nuggets, luxury shopping and my French bulldog, Luna. It’s a world where I share with you my favorite healthy snacks in a post but then an hour later you see me eating pasta and french fries on my snapchat (it’s all about balance.) It’s a world where I post a few times a week about lifestyle, home decor, fitness and beauty. It’s a world that I hope you’ll be a part of and look forward to escaping yours to come to.