November 26, 2018

Chicago HotSpots: Resturants

How many times have you all been to a city and had NO idea where to go to eat? girl, same. Eating is easily the most important part of my vacation and easily the first thing I look up when I’m going to a new place. I wanted to give you all a breakdown of all the different kinds of places in the city so you can get an idea of where you should head.

For the steak lover

Steak 48, Downtown

This place is unreal! I will be the first to say it’s pricey but so worth it. Ask for the lobster and crab mashed potatoes (off menu) they are ridiculous! I got the lamb chops, my all time favorite and my boyfriend loved the Wagyu Steak (my wallet disagreed) but this place was PERFECTION.


For the ones who just want a drink

Devereaux, River North

This is one of the most instagram worthy spots. With it’s amazing rooftop (with a pool!) it’s one of my favorites on a warm night. And during the day you can swim-for free-and eat delicious food poolside. Just make sure you go early so you can get lounge chairs.



Chicago Diner, Boystown

You guys, I’m not vegan or vegetarian but this place is BOMB. Literally everything on the menu is Vegan but it’s so so good. I always get the Gyro with the waffle fries and you cannot walk out without ordering a shake. Yes, a vegan shake that I will happily pay $7 for. I don’t know what they put in that stuff but it’s insane.


Deep dish Pizza

Peaquads, Lincoln Park

you.guys. Skip Giordanos (seriously, it’s gross), keep on walking past LouMalnatis and get yourself an uber up to Lincoln Park to Peaquads. Prepare yourself for a long line but I promise the pizza is worth the wait. You can’t go to Chicago without getting deep dish and you’d honestly be offending the city if you went anywhere else. Take my word for it.


For the big spender $$

Zbar, Downtown

The peninsula is hands down the nicest hotel in Chicago. It’s where all the athletes and celebrities stay when they are in town so of course it’s super fancy. They opened a rooftop bar right on Michigan avenue that gives a sick view of downtown Chicago with super fancy drinks. I think I paid $16 for one drink here, insane I know and I remember their menu has fancy things like Wagyu sliders and other delish appetizers I couldn’t bring myself to buy. But, if you want to be fancy and be at a super great bar, head here.

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Italian lovers

Sapori Tracotta, Lincoln Park

Ugh. This place is amazing. Great Italian with one of my favorite bread baskets, trust me, I take them seriously and their pasta is unreal. I always get the lobster ravioli and I don’t know what kind of sauce they put on it but it’s mouth watering. It’s a must go for date night!


Budget Friendly:

Portillo’s Hot Dogs, South loop & Downtown

I mean, I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this one. amazing fries. Chocolate cake is stupid good. And who doesn’t want a hot dog in Chicago? 


For the night owls:

Happy Camper Pizza, Old Town

You guys. I literally can’t say enough good things about this place. Literally the BEST bread sticks (you all know I love a carb) and the most amazing pizza, especially after you’ve had a few drinks. I always get the Matt pizza, it has Canadian bacon, mushroom, peppers, pepperoni, and ranch instead of marinara sauce. It’s amazing. Try it and DM on instagram with a thank you (just don’t yell at me because there’s ALWAYS a wait!)


Well there you have it. That’s my round-up of my favorite city restaurants so far. Make sure you tag me in any photos or DM me with what you think of any of these places or just give me ideas of where I should go! Happy eating.






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