5 apps you probably don’t have…but should

Hello hello all of you. I hope you’re all doing well and having a great week so far. Today I’m just jumping right into this post. I’m super excited to show you all my favorite apps that I’m constantly using. I am totally that person that’s constantly on my phone and relying on my apps so I thought I’d share my go-to’s.

Clue. If you’re a girl, you need this app. It’s all about your period. It’ll predict when your period is coming, fertile days & tracks your symptoms. Usually when this app tells me my period is coming, it’s spot on. If you’re like me and totally blank on when your last cycle was it’s a good one to keep track of everything.

Google calendar. I’m obsessed with google calendar. I’m sure you already have it but it’s my favorite. I put everything in it and keep it color coded. My other favorite part is that you can add travel time in the app so you don’t squeeze too much into one day.

Hopper. If you love to travel or just save money when booking a flight or hotel you need hopper. You’re able to track pricing and the app will literally notify you and tell you when to book your trip at the lowest price. I literally use this all the time and have saved so much money. Def worth it.

Lastly, Planoly is great if you want to step up your instagram game. It allows you to plan our your feed, edit photos and write captions. I use this to plan my feed out & they recently came out with a desktop version that’s easy to use!

So those are my favorite apps. You all have to tell me what apps you love and you can’t live without because I’m constantly looking for my new favorite go-to’s.




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